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Oliver and I flew in yesterday morning to Philladelphia for our Peace Corps Staging.  This part of our journey involved meeting the rest of our group (39 individuals also serving in Swaziland), getting a yellow fever vaccination, and talking a lot about what the Peace Corps expects of us and our own expectations.  Oliver’s also eaten a … Continue reading

The Final Countdown…

After a great few weeks of preparations and spending time with family and friends, we are just about ready to head out.  The past few weeks have felt like a country song (the …sky diving, rocky mountain climbing… one).  We’ve gone four-wheeling, white-water rafting, eaten at all our favorite restaurants, soaked in all sorts of … Continue reading

Leaving Wisconsin…soon that is

Oliver and I finally received our staging packets via e-mail today!  One of the more difficult things about the Peace Corp application process and other paperwork is the long stretches between communications, it almost makes you think they’ve forgotten you.  But I’m happy that’s not the case : ) We will be departing June 6th … Continue reading


Since announcing our invitation to serve in Swaziland, everyone has had a ton of questions.  I’ve decided to organize some of the most common answers in this post.  Feel free to post any questions you still have, and we’ll do our best to post more information. The Kingdom of Swaziland Slightly smaller than New Jersey … Continue reading

Two Years in the Kingdom

We are so excited to begin our Peace Corps Service in just 39 days!  While we cannot know how frequent we will have access the internet while in Swaziland, we hope to keep this blog updated throughout our service to provide a place to record and share our experiences.  If you would like to join us … Continue reading