Leaving Wisconsin…soon that is

Oliver and I finally received our staging packets via e-mail today!  One of the more difficult things about the Peace Corp application process and other paperwork is the long stretches between communications, it almost makes you think they’ve forgotten you.  But I’m happy that’s not the case : )

We will be departing June 6th rather than the 2nd like we originally planned.  It’s fine that the date changed but I’m so grateful that it was moved back instead of ahead…I don’t know how we would have fit everything in otherwise.  We will spend two days at Staging in Philadelphia.  It looks like we will be getting shots, orientations and ice breakers! And then we leave on June 8th for our wonderful adventure in Swaziland.

There’s quite a bit for us to do before we leave.  We have to do a lot of chores like moving out of our apartment, getting our mail forwarding set up, and getting our packing done.  One of the more daunting items on our list is transferring most of the responsibilities of the primary school in Haiti we run over to our board members-whom I am ever so grateful for.  There are some fun things we get to do before we leave as well.  We are traveling to New Mexico with Oliver’s family and spending Memorial Day weekend camping in Northern Wisconsin with my family.

It’s becoming more and more real to me that we will be departing the country in one month.



2 thoughts on “Leaving Wisconsin…soon that is

  1. I was trying to find the Swaziland Peace Corps Facebook page and stumbled on your page and am sad that it is the day before you leave. My son was in Peace Corps in Swaziland 2005-2007 and I visited him for a month in 2007 and then I went back last year in August. I would love to hear of your adventures and where you are placed. I think you will love the country and the people. A great place to shop is the Manzini Market. The best of luck to you both!

  2. Gerry, thanks for telling us a little bit about your son’s time in Swaziland. We are so excited and nervous but it is comforting to think of all of the Peace Corps Volunteers before us that worked hard and had such great experiences!

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