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Metsi-metsi Wilderness Trail

Sunday 26 May 2013 Our group of seven assembled at the Skukuza Main Camp in Kruger National Park.  The two of us were joined by a retired couple from Cape Town, a British/Irish couple who were working in Mozambique and their sister who was visiting from Australia. Our ‘trail’ began with a drive from the … Continue reading

Guest Blogger: Janet Krause

1 May 2013 The Olifant’s Camp Bush walk was a memorable experience. We met our guides at 5:15 am to board the transport vehicle for a ride to get to the starting point of the walk. It wasn’t long before we saw a pack of spotted hyenas. They didn’t exhibit any fear as they sniffed … Continue reading

Series of Unfortunate Events

5 March 2013 This past week, Rebecca and I decided to try and continue to make good on our resolution to see more of Swaziland before we COS later this year.  We joined a group of about 14 fellow volunteers heading to ‘one of the last untouched environments’ in Swaziland at Ngwempisi Gorge. On Thursday … Continue reading

Road Trip South Africa

December 11, 2012 My mother and Oliver’s mother just flew from America to visit us, and with them they brought summer holidays from school and a whirlwind vacation. Even by Oliver’s standards, the man who never sits still, we’ve been busy. We only spent one night together in Swaziland before heading to South Africa. The … Continue reading

Botswana Trip Part 2

For the majority of our trip to Botswana, we would spend our time at Sango Safari Camp, on the Khawi River. Oliver and I were driven three hours up to the camp in what felt like a road straight through the African bush. It was remote and wonderful. Upon arrival to the camp, the entire … Continue reading

Botswana Trip Part 1

September 10, 2012 The night before our trip to Botswana, Oliver and I were packing. I was making neat piles of clothing on the bed—shirts, pants, skirts, socks, everything grouped together so I knew exactly what I was packing. I was doing this, mostly because I was trying to pack light. Peace Corps has taught … Continue reading

Time in Town

August 29, 2012 Last week Oliver and I went to the new PC group’s swearing in ceremony. They did a much better job at taking the oath to uphold the constitution (our entire group forgot what to say half way though one part-whoops) but all in all it was a similar day to when we … Continue reading

Up, Down, and Hiking Around

7 August 2012 The past few weeks have been just plain strange. With the strike drama enveloping just about every activity in the country, it has been a trying time to be a Peace Corps volunteer (especially one living and working at a school). There have been several days where I’ve reflected on how much … Continue reading

Guest Blogger: Jane Semrow

Daily Life in Swaziland – Oliver and Rebecca live in a cozy concrete house on the school grounds and have a thriving garden. Rebecca has made their dwelling a comfortable home and has every room organized just so. With limited space, having things so well organized helps their household operate at maximum efficiency and helps … Continue reading