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I’m excited to share with you that I’m a finalist in Peace Corps’ storytelling contest.  You can watch my 5 minute story here on youtube and please be sure to vote for it on Facebook. The top finalists will present their stories at a conference in Washington D.C. I chose to recount one of our art club adventures and … Continue reading

Back in the US

November 11, 2013 Oliver and I have been in America for three months now.  We had an amazing trip home from the Peace Corps, first visiting Namibia and then spending a week of luxury and extreme temperatures in Dubai.  But now we’re glad to be home. We are both experiencing a lot of new beginnings.  … Continue reading


August 4, 2013 Oliver and I finished our Peace Corps Service, officially ending our service on July 19 at midnight. We spent a long weekend with a few friends who will be in country a little bit longer and also went hiking at one of our favorite Swazi game parks. And then, boom, we were … Continue reading


February 24, 2013 I cut my hair chin length when Oliver and were originally applying for Peace Corps.  I  wanted to see what it would look like short, but I also thought it would be easier to manage in the developing world as a bob.  I didn’t think my hair would be a big deal … Continue reading

Family Gatherings

One of the hardest part of living so far from everything we once knew is knowing that we have missed almost two years of family get-togethers.  From Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter to birthdays and impromptu Packer parties—Rebecca and I have struggled to adjust to life far from home without such occasions.  Most volunteers have host-families … Continue reading

Happy 2013

You don’t have to commit to two years in the Peace Corps to make a difference in 2013.  Consider enrolling as a member of the Caneille Regional Development Fund’s CORE Support Team.  Visit to read our 2012 Year-end update.

Road Trip Highlights

14 days and well over 3,200 km have passed since we picked up our mom’s from the airport in Swaziland and began our road trip across South Africa.  We’ve seen and done so much, but it is still hard to say goodbye.  We’ll use this post to share each of our favorite memories from the … Continue reading

Summer Break in Swaziland

Break is winding down and weve been a little quiet on the blog, so I thought Id type up a quick list of what we did on break. -Had our first overnight PC-Swaziland visitors and ate doughnuts, burgers, and pizza all in the same day -Made friends with some guys trying their luck at running … Continue reading

Guest Blogger : Leslie Dempsey

14 Jan 2012 Hello to everyone from Swaziland! I am Rebeccas mom, Leslie, and have been lucky enough to come visit her and Oliver for two weeks. I would like everyone to know they are the same Rebecca and Oliver. They are doing well and find creative ways to deal with the obstacles here. They … Continue reading

Monday in Manzini

5-Oct-2011 This past week, our principal approached me and asked if I could ‘shelve’ the computer class I had scheduled for Monday and join him on a trip to town. The government has come through and our school has recieved some much needed funds. With the kitchen stock room refilled, there were some other purchases … Continue reading