The Final Countdown…

After a great few weeks of preparations and spending time with family and friends, we are just about ready to head out.  The past few weeks have felt like a country song (the …sky diving, rocky mountain climbing… one).  We’ve gone four-wheeling, white-water rafting, eaten at all our favorite restaurants, soaked in all sorts of magical mineral springs, and so much more.

In addition to all of the fun stuff, we have made what feels like an infinite amount of financial, legal, and logistical preparations for ourselves and Caneille. We are left with the seemingly impossible tasks of packing what was a huge pile of clothing, supplies, books, etc. into our well-defined baggage restrictions.

On the Caneille front, we have had a great couple of fund-raising events and are well on our way to reaching our Spring goal of $19,000.  We are so grateful that our board has been willing to pick up the pieces we are leaving behind.  Please don’t forget the need in Caneille–everyone’s support is important to making a difference in the lives of our students and their families (click here to donate).

Now for all the curious minds out there… this is what we are expecting our lives to be over the next few months:

We will be departing from Appleton early next Monday morning (June 6th).  We arrive in Philadelphia a little after 10am, where we will check-in to our hotel, explore Philly a bit, and then meet up with the rest of Group 9 – Swaziland.

The staging event will take place primarily on June 7th with us departing at 3:00am on June 8th for our flight out of New York to South Africa (15hrs 25 min).  We arrive in South Africa  the morning of on Thursday, June 9th–then begin our nearly 10 hour trek to our training site in Swaziland.

About a week after arrival, we will be paired with our home-stay family relatively near the training center.  Then, if everything goes according to plan, we are scheduled to become real, live Peace Corps Volunteers (not just ‘Trainees) at the swearing-in ceremony in early August.


Please don’t be concerned if we fall completely off the radar for a little while.  From what we have heard, it looks like we will have little to no access to the internet for the first few months during our Pre-Service Training (PST).  But, when the convenience of instant electronic communication disappears we can all come to appreciate old fashion ‘snail mail.’  Our initial address in Swaziland will be:

Oliver and Rebecca Zornow, Peace Corps Volunteers
PO Box 2797
Mbabane, Swaziland

Apparently it is very important that you include ‘AFRICA’ because mail intended for Swaziland has a tendency of turning up in Switzerland.  Apparently it takes about 2-3 weeks for mail to reach Swaziland from the US, and paying for expedited shipping will get it there in about 14-21 days (so please don’t bother with the extra cost).

We also want to thank everyone for their well-wishes and support over these past few weeks.  We will miss everyone here, but are so excited about our next adventure.

Sala kahle (Goodbye, stay well),



One thought on “The Final Countdown…

  1. Well , I know it will be a while before you recieve this , but just letting you know how excited we are for you. We will make it through these next couple of years but anxiously wait for your return.However I know that there is much to experience and see while in Africa ,you will very assertive of everything I know. What an experience for you, and we will share all those experiences as time goes on.
    With all our love ,
    Grandma and Grandpa B.

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