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Week 7 & 8 — The Final Countdown

02-August-2011 The Final Countdown! It is so exciting to note that one week from today (the day I am writing this-Tuesday August 2) we will be officially sworn in as Peace Corps Volunteers.  [Rebecca points out that is only if everything goes according to plan, but I am still excited!]  We have just about completed  … Continue reading

Week 5 & 6

July 26, 2011 We haven’t posted in a little while because we wanted to give the information about our site all at once. Oliver and I are very, very excited . We will be working at the same primary school. Our school has about 180 students in preschool through grade 7. There are 7 teachers … Continue reading

Week 4

13-July-2011 This has been a very busy week here in PST [hence this post is being put online so late]. I think the best way to cover the week is to take it day by day…. On Sunday morning, we packed our bags and headed off on our usual khumbi (which, as always, was not … Continue reading

Week 3

We are about to finish up Week 3 of training. We have actually been here for about 3 ½ weeks, but they count that first week as ‘Week 0’. This week has been exciting for many reasons. It is the first week where we have had a strong focus on the ‘meatier’ aspects of our … Continue reading

Week 2

We are still alive!  Sorry about the lack of communication-we knew it would be few and far between for the first few months but I still feel bad about being so remote.  But we are fine- no broken bones, parasites, or irreparable feuds with our Swazi neighbors. We are still on our homestead and going … Continue reading

We’re here!

15-June-2011 I am writing this by candle light in our hut in southern Swaziland with the hope that we will be able to post it when we go to town tomorrow afternoon. It has only been about a week since we arrived in Swaziland, but we have already seen and learned so much. We spent … Continue reading