Week 2

We are still alive!  Sorry about the lack of communication-we knew it would be few and far between for the first few months but I still feel bad about being so remote.  But we are fine- no broken bones, parasites, or irreparable feuds with our Swazi neighbors.

We are still on our homestead and going to training everyday expect Sunday.  We’ve started talking about our jobs more and more.  Oliver and I both will be working for the non-formal education project.  So, although we are not formal teachers, we will be working primarily in a school setting.  The three goals of this program are to 1) teach life skills to youth, 2) strengthen English comprehension among students and pedagogical skills among teachers, and 3) aid orphans and vulnerable children (OVC).  We have several sub-goals but let’s keep things simple.

[As I am typing this Oliver is on my Kindle, which I by the way love, trying to check his e-mail with the 3G wireless.  We tried it before and there was no connection but now we may have some!]

Our language learning is going ok, SiSwati is a really fun language to listen to but so hard to learn!  There are a few clicks in the language which were pretty exciting at first but now that we have to actually practice, it is less novel.

Our language teacher Thlobisile (sorry, sorry if I spelt it wrong!) is quite relaxed and patient.  She is also a great resource whenever we are having cultural difficulties.  And by great resource, what I really mean is the four of us in our language group whine about things and she laughs at us.  But really, we are having a good time getting to know other PC trainees and the SiSwati language.

[ok, now Oliver is standing in the exact middle of our hut, that must be the hot spot]

We have been cooking and eating with our home stay family but after Saturday, we are responsible for our own meals.  My sisi taught me how to chop an onion without crying (cut it in half and soak it in water for 5 min) and I have even been eating that onion (which you all know is a huge, huge deal for me).  So, because we will be cooking for ourselves soon, we are going into town tomorrow to do our grocery shopping but also for a cooking competition on Saturday morning.  All of the trainees are split into groups and will be participating in PC version of Iron Chef. .. That is, on a gas stove…with pans that every morsel of food sticks to and burns…and probably no running water.  Lol, a true challenge!

[Oliver checked my e-mail on the Kindle but you can’t exactly click on anything, regardless, he is still standing in the center.  If only he was this resilient when it comes to putting his socks away]


-We had pictures on the flash drive, but are not able to upload them for some reason.  We will as soon as we can.-


4 thoughts on “Week 2

  1. I wish I could see the cooking challenge. It sounds like great fun. I knew that someday you would eat onions but sorry honey, I have little faith that Oliver will ever learn to put his socks away. Just kidding, there is hope. Thanks for the update and tip on slicing onions.

  2. Oliver, you are a million miles away and you still make me laugh via Rebecca’s posting! You two sound very happy! Can’t wait to read and learn more about your experiences. Be safe! Post pics soon!

    Love, Roxanne

  3. I’m sure that you will soon be a top chef there in Swaziland. I love reading the postings from you and Oliver.

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