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Weekend Wedding

March 20, 2013 Oliver has a friend in the community that has been working on various media projects-making movies of preschool graduations and selling the DVDs to parents, making music videos, and even working on writing a movie script with his friends.  He was invited to a traditional wedding to take video and make DVDs … Continue reading

Marula Festival at Hlane

March 4, 2012 This past weekend was the much anticipated Marula Festival at one of the Royal Residences about 20km down the road from our school.  For weeks we have been hearing about this event from everyone in our community and urged to attend ourselves.  This, combined with the offer for transport to and from … Continue reading

Everyone’s Favorite Day is Incwala Day!

December 17, 2011 Despite being a very unexpected and busy week, we had a great time.  Sandwiched in between an ‘inspiring’ visit to another PCV couple’s site, and a not-so-inspiring visit to the med unit, was a short detour to attend part of the Incwala Ceremony in the king’s Royal Kraal. [Quick pronunciation note… Say … Continue reading