About Us

We are Oliver and Rebecca Zornow, two Peace Corps Volunteers assigned to The Kingdom of Swaziland’s Non-formal Education Program.  Our service is set to begin June 2011 and conclude August 2013.  We hope that this blog provides not only a conduit to share our experiences with family and friends back home, but also as a tool for self-reflection throughout our service.

To give an unbiased summary of ourselves, we will write each other’s descriptions : )

Oliver graduated from Lawrence University with a double major in Economics and Government. His also wrote an honors paper on micro finance in Haiti.  When he is not having loads of fun looking at difficult mathy equations, he likes to play computer games that have to do with conquering the world. He once won a pizza eating contest.  He listens to both Kesha and Rascal Flatts- Lady Gaga and that sad Christmas Shoes Song.  He never shopped at the mall before meeting Rebecca but now he likes shopping at Banana Republic for his outfits.  When he was 18, he started a primary school in Haiti.  Although he wasn’t a student there, this is where he learned how to catch a goat.  Laughing is a top priority in Oliver’s life.  It is found on his list of priorities after breathing but before sleeping.  Oliver’s life in Appleton has been very fun, enriching, and happy but it is time to move on new adventures.

Rebecca is also a Lawrence University graduate (Art History and English).  While she would never tell you, she was honored with the Richardson Award for excellence in Art History and the Alexander Wiley Prize for principled independence of thought, moral courage and creative commitment to a significant cause.  While Rebecca spends the majority of her time downplaying her accomplishments, she usually finds time to read pretty much everything (twice), watch funny video blogs and play cutesy video games where you collect things. While our relationship has definitely impacted her shopping hobby, she still enjoys occasional trips to the mall. Also, I have discovered that my wife has superpowers.  These powers include, but are not limited to, getting me to relax and the ability to fall asleep at night.  While on the outside it may seem like Rebecca has been eager to leave Appleton for some time, she will secretly miss it and all of our wonderful friends and family here.

Oliver Zornow

Rebecca Zornow


One thought on “About Us

  1. Well done! Teaching art to kids is a ministry. My brother spent several years in the Peace Corp. Two years in Kenya and two in Costa Rica back in the 80’s and 90’s. what an adventure he had.

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