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Goodbye Mbalenhle

July 14, 2013 Oliver and I are finally at our last few days at site.  We will be picked up by Peace Corps on Wednesday to begin our journey home.  We’ve sold all of our belongings except what fits in our bags.  We’ve handed off projects and everything has begun operating without us.  We are … Continue reading


June 20, 2013 Oliver and I are wrapping up our service in the next month.  It’s really hard for us to believe.  We’ve been doing a lot of reflecting and are amazed at how much we’ve been able to see and do. Here’s some of our 2 year service in numbers: -Taught computer skills to … Continue reading

Metsi-metsi Wilderness Trail

Sunday 26 May 2013 Our group of seven assembled at the Skukuza Main Camp in Kruger National Park.  The two of us were joined by a retired couple from Cape Town, a British/Irish couple who were working in Mozambique and their sister who was visiting from Australia. Our ‘trail’ began with a drive from the … Continue reading


May 20, 2013 In Peace Corps, we call going home Close Of Service or COS. As in, ‘I can’t wait to COS.’ And, like every stage of Peace Corps, this process is accompanied by a workshop. It’s been this far off milestone for us. When I first started researching Peace Corps during our application process, … Continue reading

Guest Blogger: Janet Krause

1 May 2013 The Olifant’s Camp Bush walk was a memorable experience. We met our guides at 5:15 am to board the transport vehicle for a ride to get to the starting point of the walk. It wasn’t long before we saw a pack of spotted hyenas. They didn’t exhibit any fear as they sniffed … Continue reading

Guest Blogger: Jordan Semrow

Sawubona from Swaziland! When we started planning our trip to Swaziland in late 2012, we had expectations of what the trip would entail. Without a doubt, our entire view of this part of the world has shifted immensely. Our preconceived notions were derived mostly from animals we had seen from the zoo, stories from family … Continue reading

Art Club Field Trip!

April 4, 2013 “Mrs. Zornow, how many students are in art club? How many students can fit on the bus?  Will we all fit?” “Mrs. Zornow, I had a dream last night that the bus left me behind so I woke up at 3:00 a.m.” The students had been nervously looking forward to the art … Continue reading

Weekend Wedding

March 20, 2013 Oliver has a friend in the community that has been working on various media projects-making movies of preschool graduations and selling the DVDs to parents, making music videos, and even working on writing a movie script with his friends.  He was invited to a traditional wedding to take video and make DVDs … Continue reading

Series of Unfortunate Events

5 March 2013 This past week, Rebecca and I decided to try and continue to make good on our resolution to see more of Swaziland before we COS later this year.  We joined a group of about 14 fellow volunteers heading to ‘one of the last untouched environments’ in Swaziland at Ngwempisi Gorge. On Thursday … Continue reading