Guest Blogger: Janet Krause

1 May 2013
The Olifant’s Camp Bush walk was a memorable experience. We met our guides at 5:15 am to board the transport vehicle for a ride to get to the starting point of the walk. It wasn’t long before we saw a pack of spotted hyenas. They didn’t exhibit any fear as they sniffed around the vehicle, rather, they basically ignored us. It was such a thrill.
The actual walk took us through dense bush, over rocky slopes, and into the river at a shallow point. I didn’t think we would be asked to cross it but I was wrong. We walked through ankle deep water twice and it was very refreshing.
Two armed guards led us into elephant country where we saw a family about 50 yards away. They didn’t take notice of us because we were downwind from them. The young ones stayed close to the mothers and seemed oblivious to any danger. It was interesting to watch the bull as he stayed close to the herd much like our guards were watching over us. Elephants have very poor eyesight but they have a keen sense of smell and good hearing. They are one of the most feared animals in Kruger.
We saw different tracks in the sand that were identified as rhino, hippo, elephant and crocodile. We learned that during a dry time, a crocodile can settle down into a secluded shady spot and live off the fat in its tail for a full year.
I would recommend a bush walk to everyone that is interested in seeing the habitat of animals up close. The two hours we spent walking through this beautiful country has left a deep impression on me. I will never forget the experience.


One thought on “Guest Blogger: Janet Krause

  1. It sure sounds  like you all had a great time. Little excitement  but you all made it home ok. What a trip.


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