June 20, 2013

Oliver and I are wrapping up our service in the next month.  It’s really hard for us to believe.  We’ve been doing a lot of reflecting and are amazed at how much we’ve been able to see and do.

Here’s some of our 2 year service in numbers:

-Taught computer skills to over 200 students and 100 community members

-Had s’mores parties with the hostel kids 3 times

-Saw 1 wild cheetah, 1 wild honey badger, and 1 wild leopard

-Visited 5 countries

-Rebecca drove a car 0 times

-Organized and coded over 6,000 books

-Expanded our garden 3 times

-Celebrated 3 birthdays each (well, Rebecca will soon)

-Spotted over 150 species of birds

-Climbed 3 mountains

-Been really sick 2 times each

-Helped 20 kids and at least 1 adult fall in love with Harry Potter

-Tried to keep 5 cows out of our garden

– Gotten over 10 shots each, 3 TB tests, and 3 HIV tests

-Hand sewed 6 curtains for our house

-Rebecca bought 1 pair of shoes and 2 dresses  (but some nice people sent supplementary clothing packages)

-Drove along the Indian and Atlantic Oceans for 20 days

-Had 5 close encounters with snakes

-Checked out over 1,500 library items

-Rebecca began giving Oliver 1.5 hour haircuts and finally was able to cut it down to 20 minutes

-Watched 6 movies in the theatre

-Helped students create 42 paintings

-Moved our average bedtime to 9:30 PM

-Received 1 chicken as a gift

-Oliver lost 30 pounds and then managed to gain back 8

-Spent over 300 hours in training sessions

-Helped add over 600 books to our library and assisted a school with starting a library of their own with over 1,000 books

-Lived with a Swazi family for 9 weeks

-Ate Chinese food 4 times

-Will spend a total of 770 days as Peace Corps Volunteers



Rebecca is Reading: The Historian

We are Watching: Mad Men, Season 4


One thought on “Numbers

  1. Hi HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY OLIVE. HAPPY BIRTHDAY REBECCA NEXT MONTH. I gave mother Jane money to put in your account. We sure have enjoyed keeping up with you kids the last 2 your years plus. You both have accomplished so much. We are waiting for your return. Were really proud of you both . Have a good time coming home. Love Grandma

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