Week 4

This has been a very busy week here in PST [hence this post is being put online so late]. I think the best way to cover the week is to take it day by day….
On Sunday morning, we packed our bags and headed off on our usual khumbi (which, as always, was not on time) to the training center. We then boarded a bus hired by Peace Corps and headed north for a quick stop at the brand-new mall in Manzini (Swaziland’s largest city) before spending the night at a backpackers at one of the countries game parks. At the park we saw Hippos, Wildebeasts, Zebra, Warthogs, and Ostrich. [We have lots of pictures from the trip but posting this will have to wait until we can get into town]
On Monday, we visited a number of museums and a cultural village. Where, in addition to learning more about Swazi history, culture, and tradition we visited a waterfall and saw a family of monkeys (which stole the last of our roasted sweet potatoes).
In addition, we got our phones on Monday afternoon! If you would like our numbers, just send us an e-mail or facebook message. In addition to finally feeling a little bit connected to the world, we have free access to a simplified facebook (where we can keep up with status updates back home and send/receive messages). The reason for the free facebook here in Swaziland is not completely clear, but rumor has it is related to a requirement imposed by one of the big international aid agencies that communication be more accessible. Whatever the reason, I’ll take it…
Tuesday and Wednesday were spent in the northern, Hhohho region of Swaziland where we studied Permaculture (gardening, etc.). We are so excited to get to our permanent site and hopefully implement some of the techniques we learned during this session.
Thursday will consist of another school visit (for us education volunteers) and then travel back to our villages in the South. It is strange to say, but it will feel good to go ‘home’ to our hut and get back in to our routine.
Friday will be a very big day. In addition to receiving the results from last week’s Language Proficiency Interviews (LPI), Peace Corps will be announcing our permanent site placements—the communities in which we will be working for the next two years.
[Since writing this post, and before putting it online-we have received our permanent site. However, that will have to wait for the next time because it deserves its own post but also the water has finally boiled and it is time to hop in my bucket to bathe before Rebecca gets up and takes all of the hot water.]
Interesting fact:
Every day, 1000 children are infected with HIV worldwide. That means that through the course of our 9-week training 63,000 kid’s lives will change forever.


One thought on “Week 4

  1. I look forward to your Week 6 post. 🙂

    The statistic you shared is concerning and something to definitely commit to prayer.

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