Oliver and I flew in yesterday morning to Philladelphia for our Peace Corps Staging.  This part of our journey involved meeting the rest of our group (39 individuals also serving in Swaziland), getting a yellow fever vaccination, and talking a lot about what the Peace Corps expects of us and our own expectations.  Oliver’s also eaten a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich.  He thought it was great.  We got to see the Liberty Bell briefly.  And tonight we are going to eat Sushi!

Tonight (or very, very early tomorrow morning somemight say) we will be getting on a bus to drive to NY.  Then tomorrow morning we’ll fly out, leaving behind the United States, and landing on a different continent.  We will be arriving at our training center in Swaziland on Thursday at 8pm Swazi time (about noon Wisconsin).  And after that point….actually I’m trying not to think that far ahead.  I’m just trying to process the rest of our staging experience. 

The hardest moment so far has been without a doubt saying goodbye to our families and friends and getting on the plane in Appleton.  But, I am not thinking, ‘ok I might not see some of these people I love for two years’.  I’m trying to tell myself that every moment forward is getting closer to seeing them again.  That way I can trick myself into thinking that the longest I will go without seeing my family has already passed. 



2 thoughts on “Staging

  1. Hello Rebecca and Oliver,
    Hopeful that you are now situated a little and taht you are content with Africa — My word to say that just seems surreal. I am still excited for you and hope all is going well. Just wanted to write on here today to say I love you both and miss you – but you are right now the time will be a count down until you are home with us again. Take so very care of each other ,stay well and I am praying for all good things for you. xxo Grandma B.

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