Art Club Field Trip!

April 4, 2013 “Mrs. Zornow, how many students are in art club? How many students can fit on the bus?  Will we all fit?” “Mrs. Zornow, I had a dream last night that the bus left me behind so I woke up at 3:00 a.m.” The students had been nervously looking forward to the art … Continue reading

Weekend Wedding

March 20, 2013 Oliver has a friend in the community that has been working on various media projects-making movies of preschool graduations and selling the DVDs to parents, making music videos, and even working on writing a movie script with his friends.  He was invited to a traditional wedding to take video and make DVDs … Continue reading

Series of Unfortunate Events

5 March 2013 This past week, Rebecca and I decided to try and continue to make good on our resolution to see more of Swaziland before we COS later this year.  We joined a group of about 14 fellow volunteers heading to ‘one of the last untouched environments’ in Swaziland at Ngwempisi Gorge. On Thursday … Continue reading


February 24, 2013 I cut my hair chin length when Oliver and were originally applying for Peace Corps.  I  wanted to see what it would look like short, but I also thought it would be easier to manage in the developing world as a bob.  I didn’t think my hair would be a big deal … Continue reading


February 7, 2013 This week has been all about art (and the scheduling of it).  I like art a lot.  I’ve always liked drawing and painting but wasn’t very good at it.  I keep trying and get a little bit better sometimes.  I recently painted a jacana (also called the Jesus bird because it appears … Continue reading

Family Gatherings

One of the hardest part of living so far from everything we once knew is knowing that we have missed almost two years of family get-togethers.  From Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter to birthdays and impromptu Packer parties—Rebecca and I have struggled to adjust to life far from home without such occasions.  Most volunteers have host-families … Continue reading

Senzo Dlamini

January 5, 2013 On Wednesdays for chapel, often a boy named Senzo would get together a group of boys to lead a worship song.  The boys with, Senzo in the front, would sing something low and slow and do a steady march in front of the entire school.  They wouldn’t march back and forth in … Continue reading

Happy 2013

You don’t have to commit to two years in the Peace Corps to make a difference in 2013.  Consider enrolling as a member of the Caneille Regional Development Fund’s CORE Support Team.  Visit to read our 2012 Year-end update.

The Festive Season

28 December 2012 Christmas is such a great time of year. We get to spend time with family, eat good food, play in the snow, exchange gifts, and decorate the house. Unfortunately, we are now going on our second Christmas in the Kingdom of Swaziland – a place where all of those things are hard … Continue reading