Back in the US

November 11, 2013

Oliver and I have been in America for three months now.  We had an amazing trip home from the Peace Corps, first visiting Namibia and then spending a week of luxury and extreme temperatures in Dubai.  But now we’re glad to be home.

We are both experiencing a lot of new beginnings.  I’ve started working at the Trout Museum of Art here in Wisconsin which is another dream come true.  Oliver has just been elected as Vice-President of Thrivent’s Outagamie Chapter Board and is still exploring work opportunities.  We both have been putting a lot of work into the Caneille Regional Development Fund.  Oliver has completely redone the website ( and we are preparing for upcoming winter fundraisers.  In December, we will be visiting Haiti for a week.  We now have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with our families, something we acutely missed over the last two years.

It sounds like we’re back on track, and indeed, there are some days where it almost looks like we never left America to go on a mind blowing two year adventure.  We go to the grocery store.  We’ve invested in some new shoes and the stock market.

But we miss Swaziland every day.  I constantly wonder how my students would respond upon walking into Target or going trick or treating.  We’ve written letters and gotten a few back.  And there are times when driving to the gas station seems so humdrum and I wish for an instant that I would be riding in the back of a pickup truck, on my way back from town.

Swaziland became a second home to us, one that we’re not sure when we can return to.  It’s difficult having two homes, you always want to be in both.

Oliver and I are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve our country as US Peace Corps Volunteers and recognize that that experience will shape the rest of our lives.  We are proud of the projects we worked on and will always remember the people that welcomed us into their community.

Thanks for reading our blog these past two years.


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