Road Trip Highlights

14 days and well over 3,200 km have passed since we picked up our mom’s from the airport in Swaziland and began our road trip across South Africa.  We’ve seen and done so much, but it is still hard to say goodbye.  We’ll use this post to share each of our favorite memories from the trip, but first I’ll run through a quick list of where we went.

Stop 1: Sodwana Bay – Turtle Tracking, Beach, Game Parks

Stop 2: Cape Vidal – Beach, Game Parks

Stop 3: Durban – Shops and Restaurants, Beach, SeaWorld, Water Park, Art Galleries

Stop 4: Mthatha – Stopover, Birthplace of Nelson Mandela

Stop 5: Addo Elephant National Park

Stop 6: Plettenburg Bay – Beach, Seafood, Shopping

Stop 7: Mossel Bay – Beach, Seafood, Shopping

Stop 8: Cape Town – Table Mountain, Winelands, Shops, Museums, Restaurants, BodyWorld, Robben Island, Cape Point



Favorite Destination: 

Rebecca: Cape Town.  It’s so nice to be in a real city again.

Jane:  Plettenburg Bay

Leslie: Cape Town. It is awesome.

Oliver: Addo Elephant National Park

Favorite Accommodation:

Rebecca: The safari tent at Addo Elephant Park.

Jane:  Abalone Beach House, Plettenburg Bay

Leslie: Same as Jane. Abalone Beach House. It had beautiful views and was so comfortable.

Oliver: Amber Tree Lodge, Cape Town

Favorite Game Park:

Rebecca: I really liked Addo, we saw a lot of big game, but iSimangaliso has the best park bathrooms ever.

Jane:  Addo Elephant National Park

Leslie:  Addo Elephant Park was the best one this trip.  Still didn’t compare to Kruger Park on my last trip.

Oliver: Addo had tons of animals, iSimangaliso had really nice roads, Hluhluwe was fun to drive around – I really liked them all!

Favorite Animal Spotted:

Rebecca: Yellow Mongoose.  He kept running and then stopping to stand up and look around.

Jane:  Lioness

Leslie:  The one large male lion hiding in the bushes.  You could see his big face looking at you and when we checked again, he was lounging on his back.

Oliver: Huge herds of buffalo and elephants

Favorite Activity:

Rebecca: Seeing the turtles nesting in Sodwana Bay. 

Jane:  Sea World

Leslie: The turtles!  That was my first and probably my last time I will see them like that and be able to touch them.  Awesome.

Oliver: Turtles!

Favorite Meal:

Rebecca: Lunch at Asara wine estate-wine, cheeses, fresh bread, yum

Jane:  Kingfisher Restaurant in Mossel Bay

Leslie: I love the cheese and meat dish Bec and I ordered from the Asara Winery.  It seemed so perfect for a winery.

Oliver: Sushi on the waterfront in Cape Town

Favorite Picture:

Rebecca: Seeing the Cape Town city lights from the top of Table Mountain

Jane:  Oxpecker in Zebra’s ear 

Leslie: The pic I have of the lion looking majestic standing near his pile of poop. lol

Oliver: All of them.

Favorite Purchase:

Rebecca: I will just list what I bought because I like them all: Dessert wine, black and white dress, sunglasses, candle, print, zebra striped bowl, 2 Christmas ornaments, and Oliver’s Chirstmas present which will be a secret UNTIL CHIRSTMAS!

Jane:  Croc shoes

Leslie: My large wood hippo.

Oliver: New shoes and Rebecca’s Christmas present

Favorite Mishap:

Rebecca: Ordering a “smokey joe” BBQ Burger and then realizing I just paid 20R extra to have them put the BBQ on my burger rather than doing it myself with the bottle I found on the table.

Jane:  Lost tickets for cable car down Table Mountain; the attendant found them and had them waiting at the exit.

Leslie: Thinking our car was broke and not finding anything.  Till we found the stabilizer was broke and were told we could have flipped the car. We were able to fix it though.

Oliver: After hearing a small rattling in Swaziland and assuming it was a rock caught somewhere in the car.  Relief after hearing it fall out.  Then hearing a louder clunk every so often the next day as we drove.  Checked at the petrol station and according to the manager of the attached restaurant, if we had turned too sharply the whole front suspension would have dropped out of the car (not sure how expert he is in these sort of things though).  I guess it wasn’t a rock – rather a fairly important nut holding the car together.  Got a new nut and hammered the stabilizer straight and we were back on the road.


We’ve uploaded a few more pictures here:




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