One terror, twenty-seven visitors, and one creature

October 31, 2012
Happy Halloween!

Oliver burnt my peanut butter and jelly toast this morning. How’s that for scary!

Last week a group of high school students from the UK came to visit our school here in Swaziland. Their school has been working with our primary school for about five years. They donated most of the books in the library and a lot of other resources around the school and have visited a few other times.

Oliver and I have visited the school we work with in Haiti many times but we are always the ones coming and going. It was interesting to be on the other end of things. For once we were able to give updates, instead of asking questions, and saw all of the things that needed to be organized ahead of time.

The group that came was 27 students and 4 teachers. They all came on Sunday to visit the school. Oliver and I got to give a tour of the library and computer lab. We all went to see the hostel and the cow and chicken project.

It was fun talking to the kids (Oliver and I keep thinking that we’re not too far out from high school but really, we’re almost ten years older than the “kids” who were visiting). Even with their accents and British vocab, it was amazing to be able to talk normally. I could talk fast, we all laughed when someone made a pun, and no one said “What? What? What?” repeatedly.

Over the week, the group of students worked on a number of projects at our school and another Swazi primary school. They painted an awesome world map by the library, a school sign, and touchups on many of the school buildings. They also brought some more books and other items for the school. At the other school, they taught some brief classes and worked on a water project. The world map will be great to have around here. Many kids do not have a general picture of the world inside their head, they see a lot of maps of Southern Africa but then tend to think that is the majority of the planet.

One more thing before I go, I saw the creature that has been living in the library roof for the past year. I have heard it scratching around and even screeching a few times. I figured it was some kind of bird but wasn’t quite sure. Then I started finding pellets outside the library door. Because of what I learned in second grade, I was able to deduce that an owl was living up there. It scared a few teachers with its noises and the principal joked that we were going to catch it and eat it but I didn’t make any head way in my investigation for about half a year.

Then, yesterday morning, as I walked to the library, I looked at the opening to the library roof, as is my habit, just in case I can catch a glimpse. I was thinking how silly it is that I do this every day when…I saw it. Perched on one of the beams was a barn owl. I stopped and gasped and the bird looked exceedingly disturbed and flew off.


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