Sick and Tired

September 28, 2012

Oliver and I have both come down with an awful bug of some sort. Our PC medical officer seems to think it’s from eating bad cabbage (yes, we did eat cabbage the day before), while our doctor is certain it’s from drinking unclean water (yes, we do drink water every day), and our principal at school is worried it’s a case a malaria (yes, mosquitoes are out and about now). I’m not sure what it is, but I think all of those answers are wrong. It doesn’t matter too much, a general antibiotic is making me feel a bit better; Oliver is still suffering through but hopefully he will feel well soon.

It started on Wednesday afternoon, we had just gotten back from visiting another PCV to talk about starting a library at her school. I was feeling warm but didn’t think I was sick, I mean, it was HOT outside, I would be worried if I wasn’t warm. So, I did my classes as usual and ate a PBJ after school and laid down on the bed and then just didn’t get up for two days. That first night Oliver was ok but then in the morning we were both sick.
Oliver texted our principal to let him know that we wouldn’t be down to school that day because we were both ill. We thought we would sleep it off but aches all over our bodies ravaging waves of GI issues made that impossible.

And, a non-illness-related problem was plaguing us as well. Constant knocking at our door. At first it was the woman who needed the keys to the chicken shed that were in our house. Fine. And then the principal needed the keys to the computer lab. OK. And then a student wanted a key to the agriculture shed that we didn’t have. Really? And then the principal needed to know the password to the computer. And then the students from grade one wanted to see if we could come out and play because their teacher was at a work shop. And finally two of the teachers wanted to check on us and slipped into the conversation that they were hoping the buy cell phone airtime from us. No, sorry. And then, at last, the school day ended and we got to lay there miserably until the early evening.
The last visit of the day was from the girls who stay at the hostel. They came to sing to us and then prayed that we would get better which was very sweet of them.

Oliver and I ate an orange and tried to drink some ORS (a really nasty salt and sugar mixture that keeps you hydrated when you’re sick) earlier but by the end of the day, we were famished. We talked about ice cream a couple times, maybe thinking that if we kept bringing it up some would magically appear, but finally set about to cooking dinner. We decided to go for comfort over nutrition and selected grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches (what? I did say we had an orange). That was the most difficult sandwich of my life. Oliver was struggling to slice the cheese and I kept forgetting which side of the bread I had buttered. But eventually we made it, ate it, and laid down some more.

Neither of us felt any better in the morning so PC came to pick us up and take us to the doctor. Right now, we’re at a nice little bed and breakfast where Gloria, who runs the place, cooked us mushroom soup from scratch and served it with melted cheese bread. This will be a nice place to recover indeed.


Rebecca is Reading: The Namesake
Oliver is Watching: The West Wing, Season 7 (again. Maybe he thinks it will cure him)


4 thoughts on “Sick and Tired

  1. Glad to hear you are doing better. Prayers that you will stay healthy and safe. Grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches were my staple when I was there. Leslie and I will be sure to pamper you when we are there – two Moms double the pampering. Just a few short months now.

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