Time in Town

August 29, 2012

Last week Oliver and I went to the new PC group’s swearing in ceremony. They did a much better job at taking the oath to uphold the constitution (our entire group forgot what to say half way though one part-whoops) but all in all it was a similar day to when we swore in last year as Volunteers. Everyone celebrated that night and Oliver and I decided to spend a second night in the area to get a pre-vacation vacation (this weekend we go to Okavango Delta in Botswana!) to fill up some of our school break.

I know we’re somewhat behind the times, but we finally got to see Batman in the movie theater and luckily Hunger Games opened the day after so we got to see that too. Opening day for movies here is not like back home. We didn’t go to the midnight showing, just the after lunch matinee. The theater wasn’t full of fans who had read the book. I think there were ten people in there besides Oliver and myself. But it is so much fun sitting in a chair with a cup holder again.

We also got to sleep in and take showers at the backpackers we were staying at and catch up with other volunteers who also made the journey into town.

Yebo! Is an art gallery that we always try to go to when we’re in the area. They feature some really interesting local artists and have a library full of art history books that they let you read for free and will even act like it’s cool that you’re reading them (I was an art history major in college, which, might I say, does not typically get other people excited). Visiting Yebo! Always makes my trip into town a bit more special. On our walk back from the art gallery, we saw some vervet monkeys. Oliver wanted to have our packed lunch by them but it was kind of muddy and last time we ate by monkeys, they stole a bag of cheesy chips, which is probably worse for them than it is for me. So we found a bench outside of some shops.

Other highlights included walking though the frozen food section of the grocery store, eating an ice cream cone at KFC, and buying ant traps to help us wage war when we got back home.

It was a really great few days, but I was surprised by how normal it felt. By this time, we’ve know our routine of favorite things to do in town. And we look forward to it, but I think we’ve gotten to the point where we don’t blink twice when we see monkeys (though I might say “cute!”) and it seems reasonable to be excited about a grocery store with more than two types of bread.

And then…when we got home, Oliver and I were talking, about when we lived in Wisconsin, we never lived in an apartment together for more than year. When our lease was up, we always jumped at the chance to move, which I guess is something you do when you have less than 5 substantial pieces of furniture.

So, we realized we’ve been in this little house longer than anywhere else, and that too is just becoming incredibly normal. We know what doors not to shut because they will never open again and where the lizards live. It’s fun, but not surprising anymore. I guess anything can seem normal after a time.

To liven things up, we moved our couch to a different wall in the living room and planted some watermelon seeds in the garden. Oliver and I are both working on getting some new projects off the ground, which we’ll write about when they show signs of movement. Oh, and did I mention, we’re going to Okavango Delta in two days? Google it. Watch “Nature’s Most Amazing Events.” Read about the Moremi Game Reserve. And you’ll see why I’m so excited. We’ll post pictures when we get back.


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