The CORE Support Team

July 23, 2012

One of the main reasons Oliver and I became interested in joining Peace Corps was because of our experience in Haiti. In 2006, Oliver put on several fundraisers in our hometown, Appleton, to open a school in Caneille, Haiti. I went down with him that December to see the school up and running. Finding ourselves here, in rural Swaziland now, it’s easy to say Haiti has had a major impact on our life path (I fully expected to be living in NYC by this point in my life).

This fall, the school will be starting its 7th year running. There have been challenges of course, but it has also been one of the most rewarding endeavors I’ve been involved in. Our board members run our seasonal fundraisers through the Caneille Regional Development Fund, the non-profit Oliver started to facilitate our fundraising efforts. Betty and Huguener Bastia, who lead a church in the area, the teachers and administrative staff in Haiti all make free education a reality for many children in the area.

This summer we are starting a new program called the CORE Support Team. You can check out CRDF’s website for the full details but it’s basically a way for more people to get involved. We are looking for 50 people to make a one-year commitment to support the school. 50 people donating 30 dollars a month covers the day to day functions of the school bringing tuition-free education to over 200 children.

If you’re interested, please consider the joining the CORE Support Team. I’ve been amazed at how much a small group of people can do to provide education to those in need over the past 7 years and look forward to this next step.

Rebecca is Currently Reading: Robinson Crusoe (and identifying with it way too much)
Oliver is Currently Reading: The Collectors
We are Currently Watching: Frasier, Season 7


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