Summer Break in Swaziland

Break is winding down and weve been a little quiet on the blog, so I thought Id type up a quick list of what we did on break.
-Had our first overnight PC-Swaziland visitors and ate doughnuts, burgers, and pizza all in the same day
-Made friends with some guys trying their luck at running a kombi in our area (One guy will even bring as close as 2km from our house if we smile nice and promise to spread the word that he is looking for an American wife)
-Visited another volunteer couple and were inspired to give our garden a third and final try -Attended the Incwala ceremony
-Spent the night in a Swazi hospital
-Purchased a sleeper couch and got it home in one piece (Zornows Swazi Bed and Breakfast officially open; make your reservations now 🙂
-Built a coffee table out of cardboard and paper (pictures coming soon) to go along with our new couch
-Spent three days at Hlane Royal National Park over Christmas and walked with the rhinos -Skyped with family by candlelight Christmas night
-Visited our Principals parental homestead for a wonderful meal on New Years Day -Got organized and prepared lesson plans for this next school year -Welcomed our first (hopefully of many) visitor from the US
-Went Adventure Cavingand it was awesome!
-Drove to South Africa and visited Kruger National Park, saw a ton: including sitting just a few feet away as 15 lions devoured a wildebeest and being chased down by not one, but two elephants.
-Took our little rental car over 2,600km (over 1,000km inside Kruger park alone) in 10 days and got bumped in the KFC parking lot as we were taking it back to the airport
-Had our first hard good-bye at the Matsapha Airport as Rebeccas mom headed back home
-Replanted the garden just in time for Tropical Cyclone Dando to hit Mozambique and dump approximately one ton of rain on our site -Identified several new roof repair opportunities thanks to the rain
-Realized that there are a remarkable number of similarities between Summer break in the US and in Swaziland
-Realized just how different schools and teacher employment are between the US and Swaziland

The school year officially starts tomorrow….more on that, and photos from all of the advetures above coming soon…



One thought on “Summer Break in Swaziland

  1. It’s obvious that you have not lost your sense of humor Ollie.
    Does Swaziland get a rainy season? How is the bug situation?
    As you probably know, the Packers got knocked out of the running but
    at least they gave their fans a good season.

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