Guest Blogger : Leslie Dempsey

14 Jan 2012

Hello to everyone from Swaziland! I am Rebeccas mom, Leslie, and have been lucky enough to come visit her and Oliver for two weeks. I would like everyone to know they are the same Rebecca and Oliver. They are doing well and find creative ways to deal with the obstacles here. They have shown me around Swaziland and have taken me to a couple of game parks.

After our time in Swaziland, we took five days and traveled to South Africa and stayed in Kruger Park. This has been a great experience for all of us. We have spent so much time driving and searching for the big cats there. We were very lucky to see some lions. One of our lion experiences was seeing a whole lion pride with their catch of a Water Buffalo. This was a night drive in an open vehicle and we were literally about 4 feet away watching them. It was amazing! We have not had any luck in finding leopards or cheetahs. They will still continue to search for them here in Swaziland, and I hope to visit again to join in the search. We have also seen numerous other animals which include rhinos, crocs, giraffes, elephants, monkeys, baboons, and just too many to list. We have even seen a scorpion!

At one of our picnic stops we had a bag of chips sitting on our picnic table while waiting for our food to get done. A monkey ran up next to Rebecca and grabs the chips! The bag wasnt even opened, and Rebecca and I ran after the monkey in hopes it would drop the bag. No luck, she ran up in a tree and opened it. We had many fun times like this.

Swaziland does seem to be safer here than in Haiti. Some things are the same but there are still many differences. One is safety, another is the roads are better than Haitis. They still are not the greatest, but there was no driving through rivers to get to your location.

I was chatting with Oliver online before I came and told him I felt I was going to starve here. He of course said No. You will be fine. He was right. They have restaurants clean enough to eat at, and I found out how great of cooks Rebecca and Oliver are. Last night we had salmon patties (which Oliver made), rice, tomatoes, and crackers with homemade humus (Rebecca made that). Tonight Oliver made pizza in a pan because they do not have an oven. It was great! Not having an oven is an obstacle, but they found a way around it.

Since we still have a rental car today, they decided to stock up on some heavy or cold items that they have a hard time getting because of long walks and riding the bus. They have been able to get some meat home and ice cream which they have not been able to do that before. We went to a nursery to get some seedlings for their garden. I was even able to buy a house plant for them!

I just wanted everyone to know they are doing well. Although its been very hot. I get to spend another day and a half with them, and Im eager to get home but am going to miss them being home too. But for now, I know they are doing a good job. Hope you are all having fun back in the States!



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