Subtle Reminders….

November 18, 2011

Our luck couldn’t have been better as this week started.  Last weekend, we got a fan and finally got some air flowing through our house at night.  In addition, to our surprise our first attempt with Skype went great!  No wonder it is one of Oprah’s favorite things… Sitting in our house having a face to face conversation with Ryan (Rebecca’s Brother) in Wisconsin was absolutely amazing.  These two luxuries alone (the fan and Skype) are going to make our remaining 600 days in Swaziland so much easier.

To top it all off, on Sunday—just before our Skype conversation, our principal pulled up with a toilet and bathroom sink in his truck.  He said that there was a sale and that they were going to hook them up in our house.  Rebecca was overjoyed that this might bring an end to our treacherous visits to the pit latrine (which have become all the more so as the rains bring out more creepy crawlys and incredible lighting activity makes sitting in an all metal shack on a hill a little more perilous).  I was excited that this would also mean running water in at least one room of our house.

Unfortunately, the rest of the week didn’t go according to plan—apparently the proposed plumbing plan (bringing running water where there currently is none) is a much bigger job than previously thought and has been shelved for the time being.  So we have a wonderful new porcelain seat which may one day become a toilet.

This rapid change of plans is just one of several ‘subtle reminders’ that we are still in Swaziland despite how comfortable we are becoming here.  In the style of Jeff Foxworthy, here are a few more.

-If the men who came to work on your neighbor’s roof spend two days removing bagfuls of bat droppings, you might live in Swaziland

-If your coworker invites you over for pig intestines, you might live in Swaziland

-If you have changed your route to work because of a swarm of biting ants, you might live in Swaziland

-If, after a clap of thunder, you are more likely to have a light bulb explode or the power go out than a drop of rain; you might live in Swaziland

Hope Everyone Enjoys Thanksgiving!



One thought on “Subtle Reminders….

  1. Hi, The temp. here this morning was 18 degrees and snow is forecast for tomorrow, wouldn’t it be nice if we could send some of our weather your way.
    I’m enjoying your descriptions of daily living in Swaziland; did you expect any of what you are experiencing?
    I’m glad that you have a few conveniences; you will experience culture shock
    when you return home again. In the mean time, be careful and continue to do the great work you have begun.

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