Grand Opening!

October 21, 2011
It’s been a very busy week for us.  Oliver and I have been working all week to put finishing touches on the computer lab and library because an opening ceremony was scheduled for Friday.   Although we’ve already been operating programs in the spaces, there were a number of things left to do.  In the library a local carpenter has been building the last set of shelves and I have been marking the books all week.  We are putting colored tape on the spine of each book: red, blue, green, and white depending on level of difficulty and then non-fiction books get an additional skinny black stripe.  Oliver has been working to get the last few computers operational and continuing to help the teachers and students build their computer skills and confidence.  Yesterday we wrapped things up with the help from the 7th graders.  They helped us polish the floors in the library and computer lab; everyone was very surprised when Oliver joined in.  We had to get books on the new shelves so they helped with that as well.  It was really great to be able to talk with them more.  They ask us things like how far away America is and if women can be pilots there.  In turn we asked them if they are nervous to be going on to secondary school next term and if they have brothers or sisters.
Today was the combined opening ceremony of the library and computer lab.  As the 7th graders have just finished their mock exams it was also an opportunity to recognize their hard work and wish them well as they will soon sit their real exams.  The event involved the school committee, the teachers, the 7th graders, parents of the 7th graders, and a few others like the Regional Education Officer and the priest who originally built the library building.  Each group said a few words (and in some cases more than just a few) and the 7th graders performed a few songs and a poem.  We also gave a tour of the facilities and all ate sandwiches and drank soda at the end (orange fanta!).
Our integration officially ends on November 10th and we go for in-service training at the end of November before PC sets us loose, but I felt like today was a pivotal day.  I feel like we are leaving the “integration” period behind.  Today Oliver and I were able to jump right in and help the 1st and 4th grade teachers prepare the sandwiches while discussing teen pregnancy and recognize members of the school committee.
We’re also posting pictures of the finished (or nearly almost) finished library and computer lab–check our flickr on the right side of this blog.
Rebecca is reading: Chocolate
Oliver is reading: The newspaper
We are watching: 30 Rock, season 2


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