Challenges…What Challenges?

As we continue to find our ‘place’ here at our little primary school in rural Swaziland, I find myself often forgetting I am in another country (and on another continent)- I guess it is a sign that we are falling into a routine here and I am over at least the initial set of adjustment hurdles that Day (our Peace Corps Medical Officer) constantly talks about.

I feel like I am building good relationships with our principal and the other staff here at the school. Rebecca and I are safe, comfortable, and excited about the potential there is to make a difference over our two years of service.

When we face challenges here at school-whether it be struggling to communicate with some of the younger kids or half of the computers I fixed unfixing themselves 15 minutes before one of our lessons-I still find myself frustrated…however, it doesn’t last long. Beyond reminding myself that we are accomplishing a major goal by simply being here (lived in Africa…check), our Principal is great at always seeing the best side of things. When I bring up situations which I thought were among the most epic failures, his take is always positive and upbeat. Part of this may be him being nice, but I think that, for the most part, living in Swaziland is full of challenges. And when everyone is regularly faced with simmilar challenges you learn to let go. Maybe it is a kind of empathy…all I know is that, in my experience, people in general are not as forgiving in the hustle-bustle world that is the United States.

When neither of those options lift my spirits, I always have Rebecca–who has become quite the comedian. Not a week goes by that we don’t dedicate a healthy amount of time to laughing at ourselves and the situations we find ourselves in.

Despite how comfortable I become in this place, it will never be home. I think about our family and friends every day…in fact, Rebecca has posted all of the pictures that have been sent so far on the wall next to our bed, so you guys are the first thing I think about when I wake up. For those of you who haven’t sent a picture yet, don’t worry…I think about you next.

Anyway, I know this is a bit of a scattered post–but the potatos were taking forever to cook so I thought I’d write. But alas…the potatos are done, now time to eat :-).

Sala Kahle (Stay well),


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