School Tour


September 7, 2011

School will be starting soon so we took the opportunity to take some pictures of school grounds while it’s still quiet around here.  The first picture shows the school gate with the classrooms beyond it.  The classrooms all have a blue trim along the bottom half so they are easy to identify.  The 3 yellowish colored buildings are teacher housing- ours is the middle one.  The large white building is the school hostel for OVCs and next to that is the soon to be home to 300 chickens to help support the hostle.  The pavilion with picnic tables are where they serve school lunch.  I don’t know if we’ll be able to post the pictures in that order, but I believe the power of deduction lies within each of you.

Today was a good day, we got a ton done.  Oliver and I built a bookshelf.  Where others may have seen  abandoned planks and rusty nails we saw a beautiful home for our books and PC manuals. We just can’t let anyone get to close to the bookshelf as they may get a sliver.  Or tetanus.  Our principal also helped move the bed out that they were lending us until we bought our own and a few other things that were being stored.  I think the house is coming together.  In a few months we will have to put up pictures of our house again to show our new improvements. 

We are hopefully going to buy a refrigerator this weekend.  We have electricity and are definitely willing to spend some of our PC settling-in allowance on it.  We cannot keep even non-fridge food for long and it’s only going to get hotter.  And I really miss fridge items like yogurt and meat. 

One final thing, if this gets posted on September 8, it is because we went to Simunye Country Club with some other volunteers for lunch (where they have free wi-fi) for a pre-school term break.  This means, if this is uploaded on the 8th, that means I was enjoying a burger pool side.  If this was uploaded any other day, it means there was no available transport so I instead got to eat a bowl of rice and beans while sitting next to the bucket we do dishes in.  Also an enjoyable day but not quite so relaxing.  Fingers crossed!



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