Care Packages

We have received several requests over the last couple of weeks for a carepackage list. While we get excited about everything that comes in the mail, below is a list of some items that will bring an extra big smile to our faces.

*Dried Fruit and Fruit Leathers
*Candy (I especially likes Pull’n’Peel Watermellon Twizzlers and Swedish Fish, Rebecca is a chocolate and peanut butter type) *Granola Bars, Nuts, and Snacks
*Powdered Drink Mixes
*Newspapers and Magazines (they dont have to be the latest issue) -Favorite titles include Economist, Real Simple, Time, and O. However anything will do.- *Books for Becca -Anything-
*Arts and Craft supplies
*Recent photos
*Media (Movies, TV Shows, Games sent on a flash drive)
(Items by no means need to be new, we actually enjoy being the second or third to page through a magazine or laugh at a comic. However our experience has not been the same for the edible items…)

All packages should be sent to…
Oliver and Rebecca Zornow
PO Box 2797
Mbabane H100, Swaziland

They generally take about 4 weeks to cross the ocean and go through the embassy security screening process (letters sent seperatly have, at times, made it in as little as 2 weeks). It has been noted by other volunteers that packages with vauge customs declarations and religious images or phrases have a smaller chance of going missing. US Postal Sevice flat rate boxes seem to be the cheapest option, but it still may be a good idea to combine with others to send one large package as opposed to several small ones.

Thanks again for thinking of us. Hope everyone back home is enjoying Labour Day!

Dreaming of cookouts and camping,

P.S. Now that I found a way to post on the blog for about a penny (.06E) I promise to follow up with a real post soon.


One thought on “Care Packages

  1. Thanks guy’s for the list of item’s . Now I won’t have to keep asking your mom ” what can I buy” . lol .Lot of rain and wind ,we were without electricity for three days up until last night . Hah I bet you know how that works though don’t you. Sending our love , Be well and take care . Grandma , Grandpa (,g.g. and Ta Ta) Love the Great-Grandparent name”s … xxo

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