Our House

We made our own episode of Cribs: Swaziland.  Unfortunatly, we can’t figgure out how to get the video in the right format to upload.  So, second best… here are some pictures to give you an idea of where we will be living for the next two years.

We are still in the very long process of setting up, and all of the furniture (besides the bed) is being borrowed from the school until we can get our own.

Our House on school grounds.  The tank on the right is where we collect water from the rain.






Our ‘Silver Bullet’ Latrine (can’t figgure out how to get the picture to rotate, just turn your head right)





Our front door.  The little white box is our electricity meter.  Electricity here is prepay.  When we want lights, we go into town and visit the post office.  We give them some money and they give us a really long number to punch in.  We get to watch the units count down…



This is a shot from our front door.  The blue tower next to Oliver’s head is our water filter. 






Our kitchen.  The most cluttered room in the house at this point.  We hope to build some cabinets and a stand for our stove (cooking on the floor isn’t the most fun).





Our bed!





Our Closet.  We are working on getting some nails so we can get a proper way to hang our clothes.  Until that time, we strung up some twine (also used to hold up our curtain).



Hope you enjoyed the picture tour.  We are currently in town for the Reed Dance, so I’m sure there will be a post on that soon.



2 thoughts on “Our House

  1. I think your house has great curb appeal and you have done quite a bit already to make it your home given your limited resources. Oliver, it was nice to see you in the picture. We love the pictures. Thanks for taking the effort to make photos part of your blog. Very much appreciated. I have a question…how do you dispose of your garbage?

    • While we try and limit the amount of garbage we have, the Swazi way of disposing of trash is to dig a hole and burn it every so often. -Oliver

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